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John P. Pinto, MCSE, MCSA, MCTS: SharePoint 2010, MCP, has experience planning, implementing and supporting medium sized to Fortune 500 companies in multiple countries. John began his IT career in 1997, thrown into the dot com world in New York City’s financial district. He worked grueling hours and he learned every aspect of infrastructure and networking. Currently, his main area of expertise is still network infrastructure based on the Microsoft platform which he combines with his deep knowledge and experience of network architecture and server based computing. His specialties include Active Directory, PowerShell, SharePoint, NLB and Kerberos to name a few.

Fast forward to 2020, John is now a Cloud focused Systems Engineer/Technical Architect, experienced with deployment and maintenance of cloud-based solutions for large-scale organizations. DevOps mindset of using scripts to automate processes and reduce human error. Quickly adapt to new technologies and platforms. His top priority is always to ensure a successful project execution, exceeding management and stakeholder expectations. Infrastructure background with a specialty in troubleshooting complex issues. Creative problem-solver with 24 years of hands-on experience. expertise in all areas of IT operations, managing, contracting, procurement and vendor relations. 


E-mail: john at jppinto dot com