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SharePoint 2010: Binary Installation


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This installation was performed on LAB-INDX, LAB-INDX-MR, LAB-WFE1 & LAB-WFE2. I was logged in as PINTOLAKE\Service-SharePoint

Software Prerequisites

Run “Splash.exe” from the installation CD or local folder if autorun is not an option or available. Do NOT run setup.exe, if you do it will not install the SharePoint 2010 prerequisites for you.

Select “Install software prerequisites”

You will be presented with a list of required products and updates. It will connect to the Microsoft download center and will get what it needs for the installation.

Press “Next”

Accept the License Agreement

Press “Next”

The Preparation Tool will configure and install all necessary components.

Verify that each item was installed or configured correctly

Press “Finish”

NOTE: One of my servers gave me a big issue and did not want to install all the prerequisites. I deleted all of the %TEMP% files and rebooted and tried a whole slew of other fixes however they did not work. I would have loved to troubleshoot this however it was just easier to rebuild the server from a working image. I’m sure I’ll run into this one again ;)

SharePoint Binary Installation

Select Install SharePoint Server

Enter your License Key

Press “Continue”

Accept the License Agreement

Press “Continue”

If you select “Standalone” it will install MSSQL Express. Not a good idea in our case.

Press “Server Farm”

Select “Complete”, before continuing you can alter the installation location if you press the “File Location” tab, however I do not suggest you change those settings. If you do some stuff will get installed in the new directory however most of the files still end up in the default location anyway.

Press “Install Now”

The binaries will now install

Uncheck “Run the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard”. We will install all the binaries on all servers first then run the wizard on each one. There is no particular reason for this; I just like doing things in a particular order.

Press “Close”

Repeat this process on all WFE’s and Indexing Servers in the farm before continuing to the next step.

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