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SharePoint 2010: Primary Index Server Configuration


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Logged in as PINTOLAKE\Service-SharePoint

Start the “SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard” from the “Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Products” menu option under “All Programs”

Press “Next”

Press “Yes”

Press “Create a new server farm”

Enter the Database Server name: LAB-SQL

Enter the Username: PINTOLAKE\Service-SPFarm – since we set Service-SharePoint up as a “securityadmin” and “dbcreator” and we are logged in as Service-SharePoint it will connect to the SQL Server and grant Service-SPFarm the necessary rights to the database

Enter the Password

Press “Next”

If you cannot connect to the DB make sure you can ping the DB Server, make sure you can telnet to 1433, and make sure you gave Service-SharePoint the correct rights on the database server.

So let me get this right, we need to put in a password to secure the farm? I don’t think this should have been added, this is why the service account has an AD password – no?!?

Enter a passphrase

Confirm the passphrase

Press “Next”

Enter a port (optional) – I like to specify 22222 as the Central Administrator port. That’s what I set it to dozens of farms ago so I’ll never forget it and I have kinda been using it ever since.

Configure Security Settings (optional) – NTLM or Kerberos for the Central Administration web site. If you are using Kerberos you will need to set up an SPN in AD.

Press “Next”

Press “Next”

The wizard will configure this server into the farm

Press “Finish”

Close Central Administrator

It’s time to configure the second Index Server, if your farm only has one Index Server you can skip the next part

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