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SharePoint 2010: Installation Overview – Table of Contents


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Topology Overview

Note: SharePoint 2010 requires x64 bit servers, this includes the SQL Server. Quad Cores and 8GB of RAM are recommended for the Web Front End Servers and Indexing Servers. You can read more about the recommendation for SharePoint 2010 here:






Server Name Operating System Description IP Address
LAB-DC Win2k8, x32
  • Active Directory Installed
  • Service Accounts Created
LAB-SQL Win2k8, x64
  • SQL Server 2008
  • SP1 installed
  • CU package 6
  • Mixed mode authentication
LAB-INDX Win2k8, x64
  • SharePoint 2010 Index Server
  • Load Balanced for Central Administration
LAB-INDX-MR Win2k8, x64
  • SharePoint 2010 Index Server Mirror
  • Load Balanced for Central Administration
LAB-WFE1 Win2k8, x64
  • SharePoint 2010 Web Front End #1
  • Load Balanced for Web Applications
LAB-WFE2 Win2k8, x64
  • SharePoint 2010 Web Front End #1
  • Load Balanced for Web Applications


This diagram shows the layout of the lab. This is how a typical small to medium SharePoint 2010 farm with high availability will look, this is also the same exact setup used in this series of articles. You can get further recommendations and more examples of SharePoint 2010 farm designs here:

You can use this overview as an installation checklist for performing your SharePoint 2010 installations.

Server Preparation Overview


  • Create Topology Diagram (above)
  • Base OS installation
    • All servers MUST be x64 including the SQL Server
    • Installed Windows Server 2008 x64 bit on all servers
    • Installed Windows Server 2008 x64 Service Pack 2 (MS Link)
    • Installed Windows updates available as of 6/30/2010
  • LAB-DC
    • Installed Active Directory by running DC PROMO
    • Made LAB-DC ( a DNS Server
    • Created the following domain service accounts:
      • Service-SharePoint – this user that will be installing SharePoint 2010
      • Service-SPFarm – this is a Server Farm/Database access account, This is the account that we nominate as the “Database Access” account during the SharePoint Configuration Wizard.
      • Service-SPServices – this is the account that will run the SharePoint services in the farm..
      • Service-WebApp – this is an account for our web applications.
      • Service-SQL – this is the SQL administrator
    • “PINTOLAKE\Service-SQL” to local administrator group and logged in as that user
    • Installed SQL Server 2008
    • Installed SQL Server 2008 SP 1 (MS Link)
    • Installed CU6 for SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 1 (MS Link)
    • Added “PINTOLAKE\Service-SharePoint” as a SQL server login with the following SQL server security roles; “securityadmin” and “dbcreator” (note: “public” will be added by default – you do not need to remove it)
  • LAB-INDX, LAB-INDX-MR, LAB-WFE1 & LAB-WFE2 – The steps below were performed on all 4 servers
    • Set up NLB on LAB-INDX and LAB-INDX-MR – this is just for the Central Administration site
    • Set up NLB on LAB-WFE1 and LAB-WFE2 – this is for all other web applications
  • Registry Change

SharePoint 2010 Installation Overview


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